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The cave of Tinganón

The Tinganón adventure

The cave of Tinganón

The Tinganón adventure

Only few experiences are so enjoyable like this. It is a unique experience to cross a mountain following the subterranean course of the river in this case, Tinganón. This cave is one kilometre long, with uncountable corners of great beauty. It also links two big mouths with great heights.

The mouth of this cave is in the locality of Llovio, Ribadesella and it is also surrounded by a wonderful landscape.

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In order to start this route we may ascend through a deep forest and little by little we will see how this area is becoming rockier. There is vegetation all around, and near the cave we can observe an extense field of limestone that tells us about the highest flowings of the river Tinganón. As the time goes by, this river has been leaving out some stones of the cave round a deep valley full of trees.

As we are going up, we can feel the change in pressure. Here we may go up by big blocks of stones which lead us to the entrance of the cave of Tinganón by the north. The access is similar to a gorge and we may do a great effort to come in. As we continue on ascending, we can realize that this experience will involve a great effort buy at the end we will have enjoyed it much.

Crossing this mountain by an alternative subterranean route requires an appropiate equipment (a protection equipment). To prepare well this adventure, we can visit some extreme sports companies in the area as the one called Montañas del Norte, specialized on this route. Some help is usually needed but this does not mean this is a very dangerous experience.

If we take with us helmets, carbide equipments and frog suits, then we will be ready to cross the valley of Peme. Once, we had previously crossed the mountain range of Escape by its subterranean route.

How is the tour through the cave?

The round trip lasts for two or three hours. The spectacular dimensions of the entrance of the cave, the stalactites and the stalagmites make this experience very worthwhile. In order to see this panorama, we have to pass a first hard stage which is a bit step to ascend, due to the huge stones this mountain owns.

From the very beginning of this route, we can notice that this cave is very much influenced by the outside climate, because its two big mouths behave as two huge open windows which provoke currents of air in some points of this journey.

The course of water is an identity sign of the river Tinganón. Even its flowing is higher when raining, the water accompanies us all the time along this journey and it also helps us to refresh. Inside this cave we can also see waterfalls, tunnels and small lakes.

On its whole, we will have to face an unevenness of 65 metres along one kilometre of distance. The ceiling of this cave keeps always stable and is around 50 metres high. In some parts, the cave narrows but in any case, it has never had less than one or two metres of width.

In the last stage of this route, we will practise climbing in order to go out of the cave. Here we find an arch of 60 metres high. In this outlet we can also see the outside vegetation which naturally decorates it.

Going out to the outside requires being careful because this last stage is very slippery.

On the way home, we will remember this experience as one of the most enjoyable because apart from doing exercise, we are feeling healthy in a unique place surrounded by wonderful views.

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