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The Natural Monuments of Asturias

The Natural Monuments of Asturias

Almost a third of Asturias has been declared a Protected Natural Space of great interest. This is the best measure to protect this natural patrimony and leave it as it remains for ...

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The village of Ribadesella

Ribadesella is divided into two by an estuary of the river Sella and both urban sides are connected by a bridge over this river. In the Eastern area the historical town centre ...

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Rural tourism in Asturias

Rural tourism has been developing in small villages. In the 80’s the Principado of Asturias was the first in developing this kind of tourism. In 1987 a congress of Rural Tourism was ...

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Spa and Wellness in Asturias

Spa and Wellness in Asturias

The phenomenon Spa finds its place in Asturias in very especial places, all surrounded by an extraordinary natural beauty where we can really enjoy the true sense of relaxation. The Asturian landscape ...

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The Cave of Tito Bustillo

The Cave of Tito Bustillo

Generation after generation in the surroundings of the river Sella, this civilization lasted during 25000 years. The new findings and the jewels of this paleolitic culture are all around. Only in ...

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Restaurant El Rompeolas

It’s located in the center of Ribadesella. Our specialities are ...

El Cueto Apartaments

Our five self-catering apartments are on the heart of the ...

Casa de Aldea La Calma

If you are looking for a special place to stay ...

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