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No es ningún secreto que en Ribadesella se come muy bien. Aquí te dejamos unas cuantas propuestas para que lo refrendes. Todos los productos con denominación de origen asturiano, los festivales gastronómicos, las recetas más emblemáticas y otras más desconocidas, la guía gastronómica de ciudades y localidades, las recomendaciones más suculuentas para comer bien en Ribadesella.

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The Asturian beans

Jovellanos in his diaries talked about Asturian beans, a fact that shows that since the 18th century the cultivation of beans was widely spread along ...

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The Cantabrian seafood

>Before enjoying our meal, we should think first about the difficult catching the seafood. Some of the captures can be very dangerous for the fishermen, ...

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Cider: the usual drink of Asturias

In this region, cider is the most popular drink because it is really refreshing so, bars keep lots of bottles of it. It is also ...

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The Asturian Cuisine

The increasing variety of gastronomic markets, the spreading of cookery schools and the go ahead spirit of new chefs have been the three main factors ...

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The Asturian Veal

The Asturian pastures are the raw material of its meat. The green landscape of this community is full of cattle. Here it is born, grown ...

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