The Cave of Tito Bustillo

Palaeolithic treasure in Ribadesella

North spain guide, The Cave of Tito Bustillo

Generation after generation in the surroundings of the river Sella, this civilization lasted during 25.000 years. The new findings and the jewels of this paleolitic culture are all around. Only in … [Leer más...]

The village of Ribadesella

A town for walking

North spain guide, The village of Ribadesella

Ribadesella is divided into two by an estuary of the river Sella and both urban sides are connected by a bridge over this river. In the Eastern area the historical town centre is located and the main … [Leer más...]

Sierra of Santianes and the valley of Peme

Mofrechu, mountain balcony

North spain guide, Sierra of Santianes and the valley of Peme

From the locality of Santianes of Agua, only five kilometres from Ribadesella, in the road N-634 on direction to Arriondas, starts a wonderful route similar to that of Mofrechu of variable longitude, … [Leer más...]

The cave of Tinganón

The Tinganón adventure

North spain guide, The cave of Tinganón

In order to start this route we may ascend through a deep forest and little by little we will see how this area is becoming rockier. There is vegetation all around, and near the cave we can observe an … [Leer más...]